Why Choose Us

Professional Staff

Predominant intelligence, involving the consistent practice of advanced web design and development…

Quality Work

Quality is not what happens when what we do matches our purposes. It is what happens when designs match our clients’ expectations.

Certified Designers

An Eye X Tacy Certified Designer (ECD) is a web designer who completes a professional certification program.  Trained on implementing software into practical business environments.

Fair Prices

We thrive to have the fairest price anywhere in the world. Eventually it is always the buyer, not the seller, who determines the fairness of a price.

Online Support

We have a robust online support ticket system in place to handle our clients concerns and request fast and efficiently.

Free Estimates

Head on over to our contact page and email us, so we can get started with writing you a detailed free estimate.  Or if you prefer give us a call at 502-509-4188


Simple items help with SEO

SSL Secure Website
Secure Socket Layer

At no extra cost to our clients we design sites to include SSL Certificates. Google states that having an SSL Certificate is essential to boost SEO ranking.

what is a favicon

Favicons are a small icon image, usually 16×16 pixels, that represents your website. They may have a rather tiny but noteworthy role in SEO.

About Pages and SEO

Search engines like Google index high-quality sites. An About page is one of the best ways to get indexed by search engines.